Measurement Results

The following figures show the results from a measurement at an aluminum alloy sample. The sample shape was 8 mm x 4 mm (width x depth) and the testing speed was approximately 6 m/s. The first figure depicts the stress strain diagram. The typical ringing of the force signal can clearly be seen:

There is another 'vibration' in the strain signal which is shown at the end of this document. The next figure shows the beginning of the stress strain diagram with the elastic range.

There are about 5000 data points shown - to calculate Young's modulus, more than 1000 values are available.
The next figure shows the elongation of the sample during the experiment. There are three waves of deformation. The first of these three waves can already be seen in the first stress strain diagram.The deformation of the sample begins after 1 ms of data acquisition. During the experiment, the observed sample's length increases by 4.3 mm. After 2.5 ms, the sample breaks.