Customer: Alcan Technology & Management AG

Strain Measurement at a Climatic Chamber up to 600 °C

A Laser Extensometer of the type P-100 is used for strain measurement at a climatic chamber up to 600 °C at aluminum specimens. The system is integrated in the tensile tester and adjusted for use at the climatic chamber. The chamber was modified by Fiedler Optoelektronik GmbH.
The sender of the extensometer is mounted on a vertically and horizontally adjustable mounting. The receiver is mounted at the door of the climatic chamber.

An evacuated tube (type "steel") is used to guide the laser beam close to the specimen in order to prevent influence of airflow to the accuracy of the measurement. The laser extensometer together with the tube can easily be moved out of the chamber to give space for specimen handling. After inserting a new specimen the extensometer is simply shifted to operating position and the next experiment can be carried out.

Alcan Technology & Management AG, Technology Center, Neuhausen, Schweiz